About us

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We are 4 threadheads (or stitchers) coming from different starting points and backgrounds who have become friends.  Our enjoyment comes from textile experiments and sketches with anything and everything we have. We aim not to buy anything new when something in our stash will “do”.

The creative journey together started about 4 years ago.  Frances has completed Textiles 1 and 2 with the Open College of the Arts and level 2 C&G in creative embroidery, Mary and Beverley C&G (2) in creative machine embroidery  all either with “Distant Stitch” or the Embroiderers’ Guild.  Leslie has over the years done a C&G in Silk Painting, and various modules in Advanced textiles through the Adult Education service.

We have loved exploring the modules and taking the ideas onward, upward and in other directions, with fun, laughter and many disasters along the way.

We want to share with you what we’re doing.  More than anything else, though,  we hope our enthusiasm will be infectious and a stimulant to other aspiring experimental textile artists.